A day in the life of a gnat.

Be born on a dirty dish.

Walk around.

Learn to fly.

Find out what I like and don’t like.

Stove – Don’t Like.

Cottage Cheese – Do Like!

Salad – LOVE!

Cottage Cheese in Salad – HEAVEN!



Whew…that was close…OH LOOK! A FACE!


Whew…another close one…I’d better stay away from her.

What was I doing again?

Oh look! A FACE!


That was close…I should really stay away from her….

Where am I?



Oh look! A FACE!


Why do I feel like I’ve done this before?



Man…I’m tired….a face!



Ever had a dream like a movie

Well here’s mine!

I was going to a school for people combined with things…some were mixed with birds, foxes, horses, you name it. I was mixed with a cat in which I had cat ears and a tail…I also think I had whiskers. Anyway, I was also a boy cat and I had a friend who was a girl cat who looked a lot like Yuiko from Loveless. Anyway…some rich bully kids are picking a fight with everyone and I step up to tell them to cut it out.  The rich boy swings and misses me and I punch him in the gut. Suddenly alarms are going off all over the place, and teachers are giving the other students weapons. 

Apparently I broke the biggest rule at the school…no violence (well what about that jerk rich kid?). So I have to take off while people are chasing me around the campus. I find a wooden stairway on on side of the building and I try to race up it without making a sound (which is kinda impossible). I get to the top and find what looks like a storage room/bedroom. I quickly hid under some really heavy blankets and rolled over to see a person mixed with a robot. It was a boy also, but he had a very blank stare. I looked up and noticed the door was unlocked and he locked it for me. He then came back under the  covers. When I asked him if he was hiding too he said no…he had malfunctioned and was sent up here. So apparently no one could get in so they didn’t check.

Five years passed apparently (with no food or water?) and I was taller and in different clothes. The robot even seemed to age, which was weird by the way. So we were going to leave when we heard the door open and slipped under the big comforter. It was the mafia or something, run by hippo and rhino guys. One sits on us thinking we are a chair and we’re thinking GET OFF!…but we won’t blow our cover. They talk about destroying the school and when they leave we realize we have to save the school. So we walk in and nobody recognizes us. I walk up to a man who is a hall guard and say I need to see the principal and tell him something important. He says “first you need to choose a class you will be in, since you’re new”. Apparently this school is massive because he gives me a two person go-cart and off we go, me and the robot guy.

I find a classroom with that rich kid, but decide not to go in, I then find another classroom where everybody is playing instruments. My dream self seemed to acquire real life knowledge because he was nervous about this…because he can’t read music either. Anyway, I see my friend the girl cat and she’s grown up too! I hand her a friendship ring that we’ve had since we were kids (was I wearing it all that time? I dunno.” and I tell her I’m back. She smiles and then I’m off to tell the principal everything. It’s a maze to get to his office but I finally get there and tell him. Every student gets weapons (I get a sword cannon…which is fun by the way) and we defeat the mafia rhino/hippo guys! Everyone is cheering and saying that I’m a hero. Then the principal asks my name and I freeze up. The girl cat tells everyone and they cheer! They don’t want to kill me anymore! 

And then while everyone is cheering I hear my alarm and wake up….the dream faded to black like it was about to go to credits or something too!! Awesome dream…maybe I should write a book on it? Give me your comments and what you think! Was it cool? Am I crazy!? Read and Reply!

Tornados or Tornadoes?

How do you spell that anyway? 

Oh well…we had a tornado warning today…frightening. That’s all I can really say about it. But someone I haven’t talked to in a long while texted me to see if I was alright. It was a very kind thing to do…it shows he still worries about me. 

There may be another warning later…I’m glad he’s doing ok.

Random stuff today…

I was going to go to church but it started raining…for those of you who know me…you know why…for those who don’t…ask someone who knows…I don’t want to talk about…or write about it in this instance.

Anyway…so I didn’t go to church…and I realized that since i’ll be going away to live on campus…how will I ever go back to my church? I should really go while I have the chance. I mean sure…I can watch all the sermons online…but nothing is as good as living it…and seeing it. I bet that elderly couple and their friend will miss me.

So for most of the day I was with mom, talking about school stuff and printing a lot of papers…who knows how many trees we killed today.

That is all my day consisted of…oh…and we watched The Secret of NIMH.

Good Night,


Relay for Life is outside my door…

And I want to slam it in their face. I live in a home with my family who bought this house “conveniently” located in front of a football field. So they’re making all this noise and they’ll continue to make all this noise until 24 hours. Once again they will interrupt my much needed sleep…for I am a college student.

God save me from the impending headache tomorrow as I get up for church.

That’s all for now…sorry to start this blog on such a depressing note but listening to old crooner music through the night and imagining how the hell people can run to it makes some people cranky.

Have a nice “Relay-for-life-free” day!